ARTMASALA: Multicultural negotiations outside boundaries

This installation is set in the backdrop of a postmodern worldview, particularly that of multiculturalism and hybridity.  The artist who has traveled, lived and produced art all over the world reflects on her negotiations with the diverse cultures she has immersed herself into. Her concerns regarding her identity in the light of a changing cultural landscape brought about by a globalizing world are expressed by using the postmodern art medium of installation where ideas of fluidity over polarities are articulated. 

The artist has created an installation of seven hundred meters of katcha fabric stained with spices and pigments representing divergent cultures, wound around giant industrial spools, signifying the machinery of globalization to express the fluidity of her art-making in a seamless world. The free flow of the fabrics and the porous nature of the material reflect the transparency and increased mobility of the physical and cyber world.

 The multi-sensory installation enabled the audience to use their sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing to experience the exhibition on diverse levels.

In Artmasala, Vinita Karim affirms that art is not just a personal journey, but a journey of the times.

Boat: What do you want to know about me?
interactive installation, 2005
hammock, ropes, toys, grocery lists, bills, Newsweek, prayer beads, roller, death mask 
Diliman Gallery, Philippines